VOIP Phone Service Solutions

VOIP Phone Service Solutions:

Super Technologies Inc has been developing and offering VoIP services since 1999.
During this period we have developed, different systems to make our business easier and more efficient to run, and provide maximum services to our clients, using the least resources possible, keeping in mind the key word, AUTOMATION, and today we have a brilliant system that runs using the least possible human resources.

The superb management system empowers CLEC’s to implement, run and manage their own VoIP Phone service.

With popularity of companies like Vonage, people accept and believe in the service. It’s the perfect time for your local CLEC to become a global phone company via VoIP.

We provide you turnkey “plug and play” system. Integrate to your existing TDM network. Instantly offer VOIP-based phone services to customers anywhere on the globe.

Who is it for ?
Any existing or new CLEC or company who wishes to offer VoIP phone services.

What type of phone services can we offer? You choose!

Each product will be completely white labeled with your own branding.

What do we provide?

  • Soft switch.
  • Billing Servers.
  • Provisioning Servers.
  • CRM Software to run and manage the entire phone service operation.

Want to increase revenue from your customers. Explore our offered solutions.
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Product Solutions

IP Centrex
Soft Phone / BYOD Service
Call Forwarding Service
Fax 2 Email Offering Service

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IP Centrex
Broadband Phone Service

Supported Services
DIDXDid Number Exchange.

carrierx.us Wholesale Termination Exchange

Example Services

Nettalkvoiceline.com– Call Forwarding Service

Super-phone.com – Sip Based Phone Service

Super Phone Unlimited – Broadband Phone Service