About Us

A Small Tale of Super Technologies Inc:

We believe that Computer’s are there for the people, not the other way around and that the systems should be easy and people friendly.

On this Mantra, we started offering services to the world in 1999 from a small garage home of Suzanne Bowen, Then Suzanne Slay, who was a full time school teacher and wanted to help her very far away friend from Pakistan, Rehan Ahmed Allahwala to be able to start his small venture in United Sates.

She used to collect mail from PO BOX 131, in Century Florida after school, on the way back from her Carver Middle School, Where Rehan use to teach over the internet to the students of 8th grade as a hobby and was titled Partner in Education by the Escambia County, Florida.

Today, Super Technologies Inc., Head Quartered in Pensacola, Florida offer’s the world, Cloud Based Software services that are there to make the life of human beings, EASY.

Check out our full range of products on this page www.supertec.com/products/

Product History:

In 2000 Super Technologies released the virtual phone line which enabled the world to have a United States Phone number over the internet on our Device Super-phone.com over dialup.

The company expanded the solution set in 2001 to include SuperphoneUnlimited to provide global consumers and businesses telephony services delivered over broadband and local phone numbers from several countries which was then powered by Vonage.com.

The company went skeleton in 2004 and went into deep re-search and came up with our own Asterisk based solutions to run VOICE Services for pabx and broadband telephony and in 2005 DIDX was created, which changed everything we do today and became a global success.

Since 2010 we started making hosted cloud based software services that are in Health, Education and CRM market’s to make the world a better place.


Since the start, our novel and innovative idea’s have been getting recognitions and awards from all around the world and we are very thankful to god and the world for giving us a team that has made it all possible for all of us; specially we are thankful to YOU our customers and our friends, who use our services and appreciates them.

A complete list of our awards are on www.supertec.com/awards/

Where are we heading?

In the 12 years of Super Technologies, we have always been SUPER and Forward looking and always have worked with idea’s that have been rarely done by other’s, now that has been our forte and also our weakness as it took a LOT of time for us to explain things to people and acceptance took time.

Now our Founder and Chairman has decided to go back to the basic’s and create services for the poorest of the poor of the world, using the basic of the basic technology which is still new for them.

He has created RehanSchool.com which is a Basic Mobile phone based school system that is allowing the 1 Billion Plus illiterate of the world to have the basic education via FREE mobile phone based videos, where teachers are Celebrities of the world and Education is given in form of Entertainment.

He has also built a FREE University where teacher’s are like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and you get inspired and learn at the same time on RehanU.com

Over 100 other learning and teaching project’s are on the way a detail of this is available for you to read and write about on www.rehan.com

Product Launch History


Super Technologies, Inc. is an elite member of the Pensacola Symphony Guild, ITGulfcoast group, AFCEA, Pensacola Chamber of Commerce, PASHA, Linking Arms, Inc. board, and Junior Achievement Donors.