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DIDx Download PDF
DIDX is the wholesale phone number trading platform that enables telephone companies to buy and/or sell SIP DID and trunking
Virtual Phone Line Download PDF
Virtual Phone Line is an enhanced call forwarding service, that allows a user to take a number from around the world and forward it to any other number, anywhere in the world.
Carrier X Download PDF
Carrierx is a wholesale only minutes trading platform for telecoms who wish to provide Call Termination and FREE Toll Free termination to different countries.
IP-PABX Download PDF
IP-PABx, your phone at your fingertips.
Super IVR Download PDF
Super IVR enables you to get a custom HOSTED IVR service with phone numbers from around the globe.
ITSP Download PDF
Super Technologies enables you to become a Vonage-type or Google Voice-type service provider rapidly via white label solutions.
Super Phone Download PDF
Use your favorite instant messenger such as MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, IChat, ICQ, or AIM to make or receive phone calls.
Cash Memo Download PDF
CashMemo lets you create your daily cashmemo entries online. So keep your record even away from your business.
Earth SMS Download PDF
EarthSMS is a platform that interfaces the web with SMS worldwide. It gives APIs and web services to developers to create applications using SMS. The software can be implemented in developed and emerging countries.
Health Management System Download PDF
Store medical history online and retrieve it as needed via the Internet. It's a great tool for medical personnel and their patients, health records, disaster preparedness, and disaster recovery teams.
School Management System Download PDF
School Management System assists administrators and teachers with daily activities and keeps parents up-to-date on their children's progress.
Building Management System Download PDF
Building Management System creates a private intranet for residential buildings whether apartment complexes, a private subdivision or other. Share, organize, discuss, and manage everything that is essential to a residential community.
Techistan Download PDF
Techistan is a time and place where the joys of peace and technology flourish and rule. Get ready to participate in the act of helping others to be informed, entertained, and inspired with technology .
Muntwo Download PDF
Muntwo.com helps businesses improve communications, demonstrations, marketing, interactions, and support toward their clients and audience. It embraces the power of social meda in video format to effect change that will reduce costs and time and in turn increase customer loyalty
Paki.com Download PDF
Paki.com is a social networking tool, like Facebook, dedicated to Pakistani communities around the world. Currently Paki.com has over 700,000 users.
Tv Pakistan Download PDF
TV Pakistan is the fastest video web site in Pakistan because it harnesses the power of a local fiber ring in Pakistan on a terrabyte network. This makes the speed from your network to tvpakistan.com super fast for viewing and uploading content.
Paki Pay Download PDF
PakiPay is a small tool for bridging the mobile world of banking to the Internet for individuals and organizations in Pakistan. It enables users to keep track of their mobile balance and to purchase items via the Interent or phone.
Task Manager Download PDF
Task Manager is useful, fast and easy to use application for organizing a person or group of people and their work. It's simple and intuitive interface assists users to manage their time more wisely.
Human Resource Management System Download PDF
HRMS is a human resource and personnel management software. The system helps leaders and team members to effortlessly manage the most important asset - the people who work with you!
Card Manager Download PDF
Card Manager Store and share your Business cards online. Its Free And Secure
SuperFax Download PDF
Signup Now and get a Fax Number in Paris, Los Angles or London for Free for a week. And See how it works.
Visa Management System Download PDF
A travel experience begins with a visa application when traveling to a specified country. When a visa application is easy, it makes the first good impression about that country on the travelers mind.
Accounts Management System Download PDF
Accounts Management System is an online free accountant for keeping and managing your accounts, your expenses, your income, and give a quick view of your pocket at a glance.